Sunday, 20 July 2008

Don't let her do it!

While herself is otherwise engaged we have been having a quick snoop at what other blogging dogs have been up to and to our horror we have uncovered a dastardly plot. In a bid to foil said plot here is a message for all Greyhounds everywhere. We know you are skinny wimps compared to a couple of rough tough boys like us but we can't sit here and let them do it to you . Some owners are talking about making their Greyhounds wear pyjamas OUTSIDE!

The shame. The ignominy. Dogdom ridiculed. NO we say.

Now there is nothing wrong with jimjams but we wouldn't be seen dead in the street with OUR Superman outfits on - it is just not done. So Ranger, take your owner in hand, don't let her do it to you.

Solidarity brothers

Fletcher and Floyd Labrador


Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Hello F&F. We're typing this with our paws while mummy's not looking. It's okay, we quite like wearing jimjams in public because we're so skinny the wind whistles right up our bits. We just don't want any sissy number that makes us look stoopid. And we wear them at night on the boat in the winter cos' mummy hasn't worked out how to keep the fire in yet. Got to go now - there's an official looking man in uniform at the door says he wants a word.

Anonymous said...

Dear all

Don't you worry Ranger - I much prefer a boy who's in touch with his feminine side - I bet you're not afraid to cry at Lassie films either. When mummy finally buys my jimjams I'll be proud to stroll down the towpath with you.
Lou, Indigo Dream

Dear F & F
I'm with you on the jimjams - thank God I can run faster than mummy. Just need to keep practising selective hearing.

Blue, Indigo Dream

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Oh my god, she's got the tape, lads, run.

Ranger & Co

Lesley and Joe K said...

It's probably too late Ranger. Poncy pink pyjamas for perambulating pooches coming up - still looks like you've struck lucky with Lou!
Fletcher & Floyd Labrador