Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Bloggers Meet

After visiting Barn Owl to deliver the tiles for the galley, agree the colour of the oak flooring and catch up on the progress of the build I drove over to Stourport for lunch. Joe had been left at home with Fletcher and Floyd but I was not alone as my friend Val had opted to come and see Caxton. Stourport is only 13 miles from the Barn Owl workshop so we headed over on a beautiful SUMMER day (Can you believe it?) lunched briefly and the wandered into the basin to see if NB.Marmaduke was back from their cruise. And yes, John and Cathy were there sitting enjoying the sunshine.Being the very hospitable folk they are, we were invited to join them for a cup of tea and a chat. Val had a tour of Marmaduke while I chatted to Cathy and her sister-in-law Maureen outside in the glorious sunshine. It was lovely to meet them both again and also John's big brother Paul, if only briefly. Thank you folks!

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