Friday, 18 July 2008


Not just a fire but an ECO fire. I can now feel better about myself and the impact my desire to keep WARM is having on our planet because the fire of choice is an ECOburn 7. It even has the ubiquitous GREEN label to prove its ECO worthiness.
Enough of the cynicism. This particular fire is apparently very efficient in how it combusts, producing more heat per ton of coal/peat/wood than the average power station. So that should do nicely when we feel the need to keep the old blood temperature above freezing on a cold March morning - can't be an eco-warrior, best settle for being an eco-wimp then.


Matt (from Green Moral) said...

Burning wood can easily become carbon nutrual. Eco types carefully coppice trees (cut them down so they grow back) so tha the carbon they produce in buring is the same as the carbon they see used up by the trees growing.

Lesley and Joe K said...

Thank you Matt.
I appreciate that trees are a good source of renewable energy and infact trees can provide a plethera of benefits for us and the creatures we share this world with. I am afraid I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek in my post about the rush of commercial organisations, and Governments, to slap GREEN on everything within sight and claim the bloody moral high ground!
The fire for the narrowboat was selected on its efficiency claims, rather than price or looks, so we can feel we are doing our wee bit.
Best off luck with your ambitions..