Saturday, 19 July 2008

Make that BED!

Barn Owl have been pushing ahead with work on our bedroom. The picture above is work in progress on the cupboards that bridge the head of the bed. The cupboard doors have to be specially shaped to fit the arch that has been created over the porthole.

Caxton is going to have a five foot cross-bed . Above you see how the bed is being constructed in order to be able to extend across the corridor to its full length. There is provision for storage under the bed and also the vacuum cassette will reside here. Barn Owl are currently refining the operation of the bed to enable a single person to be able to extend it.


John... Alacrity said...

Barn Owl are certainly taking pains with the carpentry.Caxton will look a dream when she is finished.

Lesley and Joe K said...

Hi John
Yes, I think you are right, Barn Owl are definately delivering the goods. There is a strong customer focus at work here and more importantly, a real PRIDE in the job they are doing. Lucky buggers aren't we?