Thursday, 24 July 2008


This is the type of radiator that I would favour for Caxton. No, actually this is the kind of radiator that I WANT for Caxton, please Joe.

We are going to put a fin rad right at the back under the rear steps where the dogs beds are and that will help to heat the galley. At the end of the galley is the dinette and that will have one of these Victorian style radiators adjacent to it and a bit further along in the saloon another of these beauties.
The bathroom will have a heated towel rail and the cabin will probably have fin rads, though that has yet to be confirmed. That's quite enough heat for me because I am at that time of life where I could heat the entire boat without central heating or fires. 'God, open the window it's like an oven in here,' is a cry all too frequently heard at home - that's the polite version anyway.

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