Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Feeling Spacious

Shower tray in situ. This will be lined with waterproof boards rather than tiles. We had chosen the boards, make and colour, but Stuart the boat builder, had heard a series of negative comments about boards based on MDF so he was keen to switch to ply based boards. You can't ignore the voices of experience so we have chosen an alternative product.

One of the things that surprised me when I visited Barn Owl on Monday was just how 'spacious', yes spacious, the bathroom feels on Caxton. Adjacent to our cabin, the bathroom is yet another walk through number and it feels comfortable and roomy.
On the right the vacuflush toilet has been placed. The black cable hanging behind it is a power feed for the electric flush control. We wanted something that had the look and feel of a conventional ceramic loo and this fits the bill very nicely.
The doorway through the storage arch into the saloon is in the middle of the bathroom. Opposite the loo on the port side of the boat will be the vanity and hand basin. There is plenty of storage factored into this room - something we are trying to achieve throughout Caxton given that we intend live in this steel tube!
Things will be transformed here when the waterproof boards go in: this will then allow the shower and shower doors to be fitted. Roll on..

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