Saturday, 26 July 2008

That's the last time you do that..

Joe returned this morning from the first walk of the day with the dogs. "I met a man with a chocolate Lab", he says "I think I met them when the dog was only a puppy but he is quite grown now" (What, the dog or the man? thinks I)
"I put the boys on their leads, you know what Fletcher can be like, but they seemed alright". "Then I realised," he continued, "that the chocolate Lab had been castrated".

This, folks, is significant because Fletcher doesn't take kindly to all entire dogs and every now and again there is a 'punch-up'. I have been saying that Fletcher needs to lose something; but the man of the house he say NO!
Today though, Fletcher is fine, Floyd is EXCITED and so it is into mark your territory time with Floyd, who incidentally is not at all aggressive.
So Floyd cocks his leg and... pees over the the sandal of the Chocolate Labs master!
OH God, abject apologies!
What can you say?
Fortunately the fellow was very magnanimous, "Don't worry, it will rinse off.."
So red faced, Joe returned home muttering 'that's the last time you do that' to the oblivious miscreant.

The result: both Fletcher and Floyd are booked for a trip to the Vet on Monday morning.

Me saying 'they don't need 'em' is not going down too well with himself though. It's obviously a man thing..

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Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Ouch, those poor boys....If it's any consolation, rescue greys are regularly castrated and spayed before rehoming and it doesn't seem to do them any harm. They don't suddenly become less of a dog, and in the male's case, it can really tone down behaviour (give it 8 weeks for homonal changes) The boys are calm and not unduly agitated by males or females and the girls don't get bothered by a season. Susie still doesn't like it round the back though...And she still wees in someone else's house....