Sunday, 27 July 2008

Just a few things to do

The build of Caxton is progressing nicely but the house sale ain't gonna happen in the foreseeable future. That therefore means mothballing the house and one of the cars. So what now has to be done to facilitate our smooth move onto the boat?

We need to shift our telecomms service provider and cancel existing arrangements.
Having decided to use a T-Mobile package we are going to switch over in early September so we can bed things in for a month before we are off to Caxton.

We need to reduce utility bills for the house.
Going to get the water company to fit a meter - no standing charges therefore, in theory, no bills.
Reduce our direct debit to the electricity provider to account for very little usage - we want to keep a supply on for when the house is checked.

Sort Insurance for Caxton and get a licence.
I have emailed a selection of insurers that are on the Waterscape web site and requested quotations. If anyone has view of the best insurer, let me know please.
I have also downloaded the Licence application in readiness.

We need to redirect our post.
Friends have offered to deal with our post so we will sort a redirection with the Royal Mail to their address. We will also reduce written communications to a minimum if possible.

Just a few things to be getting on with in readiness for our new life style!


Amy said...

Exciting stuff! We are currently in the process of doing very similar things. When do you hope to move aboard?

Amy&James nb Lucky Duck

Lesley and Joe K said...

Hi Amy & James
We anticipate that we will be aboard the first week of October, all being well.
I hope itb is all going well.
NB Caxton

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Lesley and Joe
We use for our insurance, quick and easy and good premiums, all done online in a few minutes and they email you the policy. We have been lucky not to have claimed so our premium has gone down this year. Post Restante works well but you need to ring and OK with the Post Office first. T -mobile works a treat - good choice. Good luck with your plans.
Dot and Derek on Nb Gypsy Rover

Lesley and Joe K said...

Hi Derek & Dot
Thanks for taking the trouble of replying to my query. See you out there SOON!

James said...

Good luck!
I can also recommend, although we have never claimed (touch wood) we have varied the terms with them several times and they were very helpful when we changed boats. Their charges are reasonable.

We use 3 for both our phones and internet access and are very happy with them, you get a big discount on the internet dongle and monthly bill if you also use them as a phone provider.

Lesley and Joe K said...

Thanks James. I will have a look a 3 before we commit.