Friday, 10 October 2008

Switches to Worry Board

The electrical gubbins cupboard with an assortment of control switches and a 'worry' board. The white thing I recognise as a central heating control i.e. the thing that I turn down and HE turns up!
I could glue it in position I suppose.
The grey square thingy is the clever 'worry' board that tells you exactly what is going on with the batteries, are they happy, sad, arguing or cooking themselves. Rumour has it that this gives you a heads-up about everything electrical but as you can tell, it hasn't got a connection to my head as yet.


Roger said...

Hi Lesley

Just been up to XR&D, shell nearly finished.
I've been looking at battery monitoring systems and am curious as which one your 'worry box' is.

Roger (Windsong)

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Hi Roger
The 'worry box' (Joe's term)is part of the Mastervolt system on board Caxton. We ummed and arred about whether it would be Victron or Mastervolt and settled on Mastervolt as the slightly better of the two.
I will find out the specific model and let you know.