Thursday, 9 October 2008

Where for art thou..

Here is the illuminated mirror in the bathroom, again these are LED bulbs and according to Stuart our builder they show all the grey hair he didn't realise he had; looks like the paper bag will come in useful in the morning then!

The basin fits a treat and I am pleased with the tumblestone tiles on the splash back. The paintwork on the side wall is getting another coat so it is masked up not smudged folks...


Jim Davies said...

Hi Lesley,
Are your LED lights run on a 12v system? If so I'd be interested in knowing more about them. I have a couple of LEDs in use on Starcross but they don't match the old steam powered ones for light.

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

HI Jim
Caxton's electrical system is 12v. The LED's were sourced from who are a very helpful company. Because we have opted for maximising LEDs more light fittings have gone in to achieve the required amount of light but the power comsumption is minimal. We will 'report' on the effectiveness of the LED's when we are on board and using them - hope that is of help.