Saturday, 22 November 2008

Boot load of trouble

Fletcher, Baxter, Muttley and Floyd loaded and ready to rumble! These four dogs are getting on famously and are a joy to watch playing together. They have been out again together today for a couple of hours in the Warwickshire countryside and although bitterly cold it was bright and dry.
Whilst we have been here at Brinklow Marina Joe has been repairing the contact damage to the hull with all scratches and scuffs now repainted, mainly for our own satisfaction but also in readiness for a review that is to be done by one of the Canal magazines.


Roger said...

Looking forward to reading the review Lesley, which magazine?

Our builders, Beacon have had a nice write up by Pam Pickett (first mate)on
Windsong even got a mention.
Roger & Pip

Anonymous said...

Hi Lel
Glad to see we got a mention or else you would be in trouble.
So thanks again we both really enjoyed seeing you both.Alan was impressed by the boat.
I am off to stay at Jeffs this weekend with Gloria it is Rhys first birthday Alan and Mick are not going both to tired with work poor things. Hope you enjoy your visit with Mum. Take care lots of love Val x x x