Thursday, 6 November 2008

Come in number seven!

Sapphire, the boat pictured above was reviewed by Graham Booth in the Waterways World mag some time ago and I spotted it at Great Hayward on Tuesday. This is a boat built by the owner from scratch and not in anyway orthodox in design. We were about to leave Great Hayward on and I went to check the availability of the lock. Sapphire was in the lock going down ( the same way we wanted to go) so I lent a hand and was soon joined by a lady whose boat was coming up. It wasn't until this second boat was leaving the lock that I happened to glance at its name and low and behold it was Morpheus, Barn Owl Narrowboat number 7!
So here is Sean, Jane and Neil, fellow Barn Owl owners, posing by their boat! We are going to have to start a club.

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Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Mmmm...a collective noun for Barn Owl Narrowboats - a 'hoot' maybe?

Oi, woof, woof, greyhounds here....where are our mates? We want more dog stuff! Come on lads, show yourselves! Woof, canines forever!