Thursday, 6 November 2008


Thursday morning and we are at Fradley Junction. We arrived here yesterday lunchtime and rapidly moored, did the services stuff, filling one tank and emptied the other before heading for the welcoming doors of the Swan Inn. The notice on door said Dogs on leads welcome; the four of us were through that door and ensconced aside a raging fire before you could say Jack Robinson! A giant steak and kidney pudding was ordered by himself, a packet of pork scratchings for the dogs and a ham roll for herself.
Stuart Harper, Caxton's builder, turned up moments later to deal with a couple of minor snags aboard Caxton - well that is what a snagging cruise is all about.
We will head off later today along the Coventry canal towards our destination of Brinklow some 38 miles away.
I cannot upload any photo's at present, the system is far too slow so they will follow as an when folks.

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Anonymous said...

Barn Owl are really coming across as a quality boat builder. Their 'post-launch' service sounds excellent. That's the just another downside of your builder going bust - there's no-one to come back to with the little trivia that any shake-down cruise turns up and no-one knows your boat as intimately as the original builder....
It's great to see that life on board (and in the pubs) is still suiting the whole pack!
Sue, Indigo Dream