Friday, 14 November 2008

The longer the better!

The longer the better was the answer to my question re chimney's for the boat. I have been out today to buy tins of paint to enable us to repair cruise damage over the next few years and a new LARGE chimney for when we are moored up. Taking advantage of the fact that we have access to our car whilst we are moored at Brinklow I went to Rose Narrowboats at Stretton for the paint used in Caxton, Rapidpaints, and then on to Braunston and Midland Chandlers for a longer chimney - a 28" one no less.

The longer chimney definitely seems to be beneficial as far as the fire is concerned.
We will spend the next week or so tidying up the few scrapes and making a couple of tweaks to Caxton before we head off on cruise two...

I missed a call from Adam and Adrian on Debdale today - silly me I had left the phone on charge and went out all day without it - note to self, DON'T DO THAT AGAIN! Apologies lads, sorry to have missed you both.

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