Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Now where was I?

A quick update on recent activities:
Saturday - Fletcher and Floyd were invited by their new best mates, Baxter and Muttley, to dinner aboard Nb. Matilda Rose. With a bit of careful subterfuge, Joe and I managed to lock F&F aboard Caxton and substitute ourselves as dinner guests. Baxter and Muttley's company was superb (Graham and Jill weren't bad either).

Sunday - I remained in bed into the afternoon - something to do with an encounter with a brandy bottle the previous evening and a fear that someone might steal the bed if I wasn't diligent about guarding it. I was woken by the telephone; "Graham and I have been Geocaching and we need a lift from the Pub" - I didn't realise that geocaches were to be found in pubs?

So off I goes, picking up Jill who was ambling along the lane to Brinklow. Refreshed, we loaded four damp dogs and four slightly damp owners into the car and headed back to our respective boats.

Monday - awoke to awful weather and set off to Combe Abbey Country Park to walk the dogs - more of which later.

Which brings me to Tuesday and the photo below. This stunning Victorian edifice houses Summersault, a vegetarian restaurant and coffee house in Rugby town centre. I vaguely remember eating lunch in a vegetarian restaurant many years ago, (15 - 20) when I was working in Rugby. Jill and I set off to have a wander around Rugby for a lookie see and came across this..

We had to try their fare and we were not disappointed with either the food or the wonderful surroundings - definitely worth a visit when you are passing through Rugby!


Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Is the drinking interfering with your blogging? I'm getting withdrawal symptoms when there are large gaps between posts - are you in bed when you should be shaping your purple prose? How about you give up the booze while I give up anything faintly resembling food as a show of solidarity? ;-)

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Hi Greygal
I promise it is not booze that is restricting the blogging but rather connectivity problems - the kind when you begin to lose the will to live whilst waiting for a photo to upload and after 15 mins of a spinning disc it just dumps you...grrr