Thursday, 20 November 2008


Last night the crew of Caxton and the crew of Matilda Rose went to the talkies to see the latest Bond film, and Oh how cinemas have changed! You can now buy buckets of popcorn - raw ingredients tuppence three farthings - for a whacking £4 accompanied by paper cup of coloured chemical water - coke - for £2.50. Needless to say the tightfisted ditch warriors skipped that enticement. Jill had her fingers jammed in her ears (strange gel) throughout the film to reduce the damage being done by the volume of the sound system. We did enjoy the film though, Daniel Craig was easy on the eye of course and Judi Dench as M was excellent.
Given that we were 'out on the town' we finished off the night with a Big Mac and a drink at the last watering hole before Brinklow. Today I think someone is going Geocaching again...

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