Saturday, 10 January 2009

All Locked Up

Our journey yesterday had an added bonus in that I had to UNLOCK every paddle and RE-LOCK every paddle after use. The mechanism is secured with a large brass Yale padlock that is opened with the same BW Yale key used at sanitation points. This little addition to the locking process is obviously in response to rampant vandalism in this part of the world. Perhaps local schools, and PARENTS, teaching the kids about the value of their LOCAL heritage, why and how things work, would help in reducing vandalism as well as catching and thrashing (I jest..) the perpetrators when caught.

We had to clear one lock of fence posts, tree stumps and branches, plastic cartons and bottles before we could get the second boat in. Well what is there to do, the kids are bored, the authorities don't provide activities and the parents opt out. Anyway, the timber went on the roof as firewood and the plastic we piled to one side.

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