Saturday, 10 January 2009

Domestic Goddess

Ok, perhaps I am more Fanny Craddock than Nigella Lawson but these are the real thing, no silicon here.. Having run out of bread the quick thinking Lesley hit on the idea of making some - Yeah stunning stuff here on Caxton, THINKING, what ever next? Scrounging the yeast from our co travellers, Nb Matilda Rose, I set about making bread the hard way, by hand and this is the result!!!! It tastes pretty good as well and getting it out of the oven did not require a forklift.


Emma said...

Excellent looking loaves, Jess says she'll be round in morning to test it out, she is getting fed up with the wholemeal loaves I make here.
There is something quite satisfying about making bread by hand, maybe I take the stress of my job out on the dough?!

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Jess, if I see you trotting down the towpath here in Leicester I will bake you your own loaf!
It did feel very satisfying to produce something as basic as bread, who knows I might get adventurous and bake a cake next!