Saturday, 31 January 2009

At the walls of Burton

That's it, we are on the move as Caxton heads out for yesterday's journey, the dogs trailing behind with their two human minders, Jill and I no less...

We travelled nine miles yesterday from Weston-on-Trent through Willington and moored just a couple of miles short of Burton-on-Trent. We tend to seek secluded moorings both for the peace and quiet we crave and the safety of in the countryside where Daisy the Cat of NB. Matilda Rose and four dogs are safe.
Passing under a bandaged bridge. BW had posted notices to explain to Joe Public what had happened to the bridge, when it had happened and what 'plans' there were to repair the terrible damage to a 200 hundred year old bridge. Reading between the lines I think there might be a tussle going on about who was liable for the damage..

Caxton and Matilda Rose breasted up together at Willington services. Moorings were few and far between and not suitable for an overnight stop for us though the moorings may well suit others. We had a late lunch in the Rising Sun, shopped for a few essentials in the local co-op and left town, mooring just past bridge 24a, a couple of miles further on.

Last nights mooring.

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