Monday, 12 January 2009

Gate Running

We were all up and away at 9.30 yesterday morning, our aim to get through Freemans Meadow Lock, right by Leicester City Football Club grounds, before Monday morning because the gates were due to be replaced and that would have necessitated us staying put for another eleven days.

Above is a bit of our industrial heritage at St. Mary's Mill Lock, presumably St. Mary's Mill? And as Leicester was/is famous for the manufacture of hosiery this building could have been a hive a industrious sock making at one time.
We met this ancient working boat as we exited St. Mary's Mill lock, he had just left Castle Moorings where we were headed. Below is a shot of the enormous weir at Freemans Meadow.
Leicester City Football club.
Caxton heading up the Mile Straight into Leicester City.
Above, my favourite pic of the day. You don't often get up this close to these..

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