Sunday, 11 January 2009

Making a run for it..

A phone call to British Waterways confirmed that work starts on Freemans Lock in Leicester on Monday. We need to get through before Monday or it will mean an extended stay in Leicester with NO services i.e. no water, no sanitation. With this in mind we formed a two man , one woman ice breaking crew yesterday and busted our way through to the ice free river section of the canal. Nb. Matilda Rose with Graham on the helm and Joe and I on the bow, armed with boat hooks, set off to move the boats 3/4 of a mile through ice as thick as paving slabs. It took us an hour with 20 ton of boat cracking the ice and the boat hook crew on the front trying to push the slabs away from the boat. We moored below Kings Lock and walked back to retrieve Caxton and bring her through as well.

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Derek and Dot said...

Not nice breaking through ice we may have to do the same just for water but at least we dont have the pressure of BW stoppages. Good luck.
Dot Nb Gypsy Rover