Monday, 19 January 2009

Lovely Loughborough

Adjacent to the Loughborough Railway station, built in 1898, is of course the essential 'Railway Hotel', a grand late Victorian/early Edwardian building so bristling with confidence and so much a part of a by-gone age.
Churchgate area of Loughborough with pedestrianised narrow streets (medieval originally I suspect) teeming with small individual shops of charactor.

Below, adjacent to the Victorian park, is what is now the Charnwood Museum but was formerly the municiple bath house. Look at that architecture! This was the baths for the poorer working class town residents that didn't have bathrooms but the Victorians still embellished the building with style and ornamentation!
Couple of idiots photographed in the park! Jill and I had been accosted by a passing evangelist - in the best possible taste - and he took this photo.
Below, the epitomy of civic pride, the Carillon and War Memorial to those who gave their lives in the Great War.
I thought that Loughborough was vibrant, varied and proud. There were at least a couple of Art Deco style cinemas, a busy colourful street market, a solid legacy of fine Victorian and Edwardian buildings, well converted old mills and some sympathetic infilling. Nice place.

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