Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Not Safe on the Soar

The River Soar is closed to navigation as it is in flood so we are staying here a Raynsway Marina for another day. Hopefully tomorrow will see the water levels subside enough for us to make progress. According to local boaters here the River goes down as fast as it comes up so we will see..
Birstall Weir yesterday - this morning it was a lot livelier and considerably murkier...

The bonus of being 'marooned' here is the easy access to the nearby Watermead Country Park, a real bonus for us and the dogs. The extensive park has been created from the aftermath of gravel extraction and now provides habitat for a myriad of waterbirds and a brief of fresh air for us humans.

This handsome chap sits atop a rise overlooking the lake. I presume that the significance is that mammoth remains were found in the workings?

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