Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Just Matchless...

These photo's are of a 1946 Matchless combination belonging to one of the boaters here at Raynsway Marina. The significance is that my younger brother, Robert, has a 1957 Matchless - so this is for you Bob!!
The engine sounded just brilliant and the whole ensemble was really well presented.


Anonymous said...

I'm so behind with my comments but we're still reading the blog and loving reading about you loving your life on the water. My heart was in my mouth when I read about Fletcher and the lock. Richard started teaching Blue and Lou how to walk across lock gates and I vetoed it - so glad that I did, they'd be very heavy to lift out and they don't swim very well either! Love the new dog beds - F & F looked as contented as a boatful of greyhounds!
Stay safe on the Soar.
Sue, Indigo Dream

TT said...

Hello Caxton Crew!

We've been following your adventures for some time now, makes great reading! I loved this entry because we looked at two boats at Raynsway, one of which is just poking into the corner of a previous photo of yours! And the bloke with the STUNNING matchless bike had a long chat with us about what we were getting ourselves in for living on the waterways!
Great post, keep it up!
Toby, (soon to be on) nb Wilshamstead.

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Hi Toby
Thanks for your kind comments I am glad you are enjoying the 'ramblings'.. I am sure that you will enjoy your new life aboard a narrowboat, we certainly have NO regrets!