Sunday, 18 January 2009

Only a minor disaster..

For those of a delicate stomach look away now, do not read on - you have been warned!

Right, it is Saturday morning we are up preparing ourselves for visitors, himself is in the bathroom. The loo is flushed. The vacuum cassette system makes its usual noise, and it continues to make its usual noise for some time (You may just be getting an inkling of where this is going by now), before a look of dawning horror crosses Joe's face... "Oh God!". Dashing to the cabin and opening the door under our bed Joe shouts to me to find the toilet switch on the control board and "switch the bloody thing off!" Sure enough, the flexible pipe from the loo to the cassette has been forced off and there is ... well, you can guess what is under the bed by now. So we set to and clean up. " Shall I cancel our visitors?" I ask. "No, we will be OK it can be fixed..., flush the loo while I hold this." I Obey. The loo flushes, Joe is covered in effluent.
"I'll cancel the visitors."
Being fully signed up members of the S**t Shoveler Union by now we set out to clean up again. Finally showered, I left Joe cobbling together a makeshift bracket to prevent the same happening again, the washing machine busy and went off to walk the dogs in fresh air!


Pip - nb Windsong said...

I shouldn't laugh, I know, but I just couldn't help it!! As you know, we are having the same loo as you, but at least our cassette will be in the cabinet under the basin, so easier to get to than under the bed, should we have any 'shower of s**t over Cheshire' moments!!! At least, we are learning from things that happen to you - we will both make absolutely sure we know where the off switch is!!!

Pip x

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Hi Pip and Roger
Watch the connection between the flexible hose and the cassette - sneaking thoughts that there might be a 'design fault' there. Barn Owl have fitted precisely according to instructions but the hose is only held by a push-fit. Not surprise you had a laugh, I would have done the same!

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Welcome to the club - we all have to have a lavvy story to tell. Our original bog got jammed (guess who by)on only our second day out and was taken outside and fixed unceremoniously on the towpath by some unfortunate engineer. I relied on a bucket and Little Chef for the 24 hour period sans conveniences. Getting covered in the stuff does raise the bar gives a whole new meaning to the phrase eau de toilette!

nb.bobcat said...

Oh dear oh dear oh dear!!!

So glad I am having a compost loo!

At worst I could trip carrying the pee container outside - but I believe this has a lid. So famous last words "I should be okay".

For the rest a bit of smelly soil. Not a problem really.