Wednesday, 25 February 2009


We now find ourselves back on land after four great months aboard Caxton. It is time to get our cottage ready for its transfer to new owners. So we have a task list as long as your arm; packing of summer clothes to go aboard Caxton, pack remaining clothes to be stored, dismantle wardrobes, pack spare bedding, clear out and clean assorted cupboards. A removal company is coming this week to give us an estimate for the move and we have made arrangements to take the caravan into secure storage nearby.
I am now sitting here with the fires lit in the kitchen and the sitting room. We have run out of heating oil - now on order and due on Thursday doh.. The painful thing is that I have had to buy 500 ltrs as a minimum delivery, bugger, bugger, bugger.
The two dogs are not in the least bit phased by the chaos around them, they are sprawled out in all this additional space, - hang on, who am I kidding? They still sprawl out in the confines of the boat, we just have to work our way around them - no change there then.
I'll tell you what though, even after just four months, this place doesn't feel like home anymore. Roll on getting back to Caxton for good.


indigodream said...

Goes to show that you made the right decision when you moved to Caxton! Good luck with the removals.

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Thanks Sue.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the tasks in hand. we know just what a daunting task it can be....At least you can look forward to getting back onto Caxton, knowing that your old lives are well and truly behind you, with a great new lifestyle to embrace.