Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Visitors come a calling

Number One brother, Robert, was taking Number One Nephew Jack, to Milton Keynes Snow Dome for a go on the ski slope, "That's not far from Brinklow, come and see Caxton" I says.

We arranged to meet in a pub in Brinklow village, have a quick pint and then lead them back to the marina for lunch and a tour of Caxton. We have been aboard Caxton for a little over four months now and Robert is the first visitor from my family to see the boat.
Nephew Jack was fascinated by how every nook and cranny is used, how the bed pulls out, how the dinette converts to a bed, how no space goes to waste but is put to use. Robert was impressed with the joinery and as a skilled carpenter and joiner himself that was some compliment to our boat builder!
Out for a stroll along the Nth Oxford canal, Joe, Jack and Robert.

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