Thursday, 19 March 2009

Sixteen:Ten And what do you get?

Yesterday the free protective leather cover had turned up for my new Road Angel Adventurer 7000 GPS device, the sun was shining, I was restless. I settled down to plot a route on Memory Map and transfer it to the GPS before setting off with the dogs to field test it. The route I had plotted was a total of sixteen kilometers equivalent to ten miles - and this is what I got...

Starting in the hamlet of Cawthorpe we walked through Bourne Woods and across farmland towards the village of Edenham. Crystal blue skies, warm sunshine, no traffic. Farmers were out in the fields fertilising and spraying their crops, and their livestock was enjoying the fine weather along with the rest of us. Our destination was the village of Swinstead and to get there we were going to be crossing Grimsthorpe Castle Park.A view of the house from across the ornamental lake that the footpath skirts.

This tree is festooned with mistletoe.

Pheasant and partridge are being raised in these coverts.
An ancient and glorious oak.
The ford across a stream.

And the Road Angel? - it worked a treat.


Jill and Graham said...

We're missing you & F & F on our walks - it's not as much fun without you.

Nb Caxton said...

Why thank you Jill. I did think that the walk I did here would have pleased you enormously!
Take care