Wednesday, 15 April 2009


There I was, wallpaper steamer in one hand, scraper in tuther, when I notice a red shadow approaching the glazed front door. As I opened the door the red shadow was just about to knock the door.."Oh, hello, sorry, I am Joan and I live at number 10, sorry to trouble you but would you have a large black Labrador?" As Joan finishes her intro-cum question, Fletcher moses into view "Eh, have you got two Labradors by any chance?" she asks. Yes I replied, looking about me for Floyd. "Sorry but I think your dog is in my kitchen you see, nothing to worry about though." Offering my abject apologies I hare off to the back garden and in best fish wife mode I shout for Floyd who appears through the hedge moments later..
We are off today to buy some sheep fencing to secure our neighbours from a sociable but scrounging Labrador!

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