Monday, 13 April 2009

What a stink!!

Whilst I went to Essex Joe and the dogs went back to Brinklow and Caxton for the weekend. On entering the boat they were met by an awful smell.... Yes, we had left food in the fridge by mistake and turned everything off. Himself had a lot of unexpected clearing and cleaning to do in order to be able to breath freely, though the dogs didn't seem to mind. All is well now after any number of cleaning/anti-bacterial products have been liberally splashed about.... Note to self - check the fridge dear!

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indigodream said...

We keep meaning to write ourselves a 'leaving the boat checklist' - gas off, water pump off, inverter off ....oh, and now we need to add 'fridge off, empty and door open'. Never mind, you'll soon be at the stage where you won't be leaving Caxton any more - how nice will that be!