Saturday, 27 June 2009

New togs for Caxton

Kathy, of AJ Canopies, is busy making the detailed pattern that will be used to make Caxton a new cratch cover. A collection of Seasearcher magnets, crocodile clips and felt tip pens are used to produce the patterns.
We have decided that as Caxton is our home and we are going to be cruising all year with two dogs the cratch cover needed to be both flexible and robust; two zips instead of the one we currently have making access/egress easier. We chose AJ Canopies because we are always impressed by the look and fit of their products whenever we see them on other boats. We are going the whole hog and having a new tourneau for the stern that will allow the TV Aeriel to be erected whilst the cover is in place and a zipped flap at the rear to allow Joe to steer Caxton with the cover in place, protecting him from the elements.

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