Thursday, 16 July 2009


Here we are moored above Barlaston last night. It was a glorious sunny evening though through the day we had experienced some heavy rain showers. Jill and I had caught the bus from the Plume of Feathers pub into Stock-on-Trent for a look around and some essential shopping; socks for me - which then expanded to books, sandals, boot bags, newspapers and cashew nuts and summer trousers/shorts and drawers for her. It cost £2.50 return, took about 40mins to get into the city and gave us the opportunity to get an alternative view of the countryside we are travelling through.
Joe supervising the polishing of Matilda Rose last night..
Caxton will get a wash and polish today as we have decided to stay here another day/night and travel up to Etruria on Friday. Joe and Graham have taken themselves off on the bus to see Stoke-on-Trent this morning which leaves me in charge of boat and dogs and cleaning and walking and shopping and meal preparation - too much fun could be bad for me...

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