Thursday, 16 July 2009

Stone the crows

The original T&M boat building-repair yard now used by the Canal Cruising Company.
We moored up in Stone on Monday and stayed overnight on the town moorings. We had arranged for our mail to to be forwarded to the Stone post office and that arrived at 11.30 on Tuesday. While I was waiting I happened to see this chap, the Stafford/Stone Town Cryer doing his bit. He was handing out leaflets about a housing development? We had a chat and I congratulated him on a town that recognised the relevance and commercial value of having a canal, so many don't. The moorings were well kept and plentiful and boaters were welcome.

There's a few gallons to go into this lock to fill it.

This historical shop front had been stripped and was being prepared for renovation - that's the way to do it..

Stone's pedestrianised high street, lots of al fresco eating here and a lovely mix of shops.

The Crown Hotel, with its bow front where, the initial planning meeting for the building of the Trent and Mersey canal took place on June 10th 1776. The Head Offices of the T&M were situated here in Stone.

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