Friday, 3 July 2009

It must be Fradley

Above - looking down the flight towards Fradley junction from Shade Lock on the Trent and Mersey canal.

We left our mooring at The Plough this morning early, 'silently' moving off at 6.50am. It was warm and cloudy as I set off to walk the four and a half miles to Fradley junction with the steel stalker following behind. We got to within a quarter of a mile from the junction when the heavens opened leaving us to water, and dispose of rubbish etc. in a downpour! The last time we were here was in February in snow and ice when we were sharing Fradley with a handful of hardy souls; today things are much busier with lots of holiday makers enjoying there escape from the norm to chill on the canals. Every day I remind myself just how fortunate we are being able to live this wonderful life!!

Caxton moored above Fradley wood. We found a gap in the vegetation that some 40 foot boater had hacked back, 'this will do' I cried as I set about hacking back another 25feet with the garden shears!!

This is Caxton's mooring from the other side of the canal, taken when I walked the dogs this afternoon. Fletcher managed to lose his collar and as I type this the boat has a strong hint of dead creature about it - I think Fletcher's collar might be keeping some long dead animal company tonight where he has rolled in it - aren't they just disgusting?

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