Thursday, 2 July 2009

Second time lucky?

Here is Caxton moored yards from The Plough at Whittington tonight. I am going to try again to and get a meal out. The menu looks promising, i.e. there is NOT chips with everything! We have had a really easy day today. Early start because Floyd thinks half four in the morning is about the right time for his breakfast and he is a persistant little bugger. Herself gets out of the sack to tend to the mutts whims, whilst himself awaits a cuppa...division of labour, I think not.. We ponced around and tidied Caxton before setting off this morning, me on foot with the the dogs and Joe following behind with the home...I dillied, I dallied... to Whittington where we moored under a tree for a couple of hours to cool the boat and ourselves.

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