Thursday, 30 July 2009

Traditional Fare

Anyone for Oatcakes? I was intrigued by references in local eateries to Staffordshire Oatcakes and here they are. Povey's Oatcakes are on sale in Aldi and other stores in Staffordshire and are a traditional 'dish' of the Potteries. They look like a cross between a pancake and a crumpet and are rather nice. I have been wrapping them around a chopped banana, popping them in the oven to heat through and eating them with natural yogurt for breakfast. They can be eaten hot or cold and norm in this part of the world is to fill them with egg and bacon.


indigodream said...

Yum yum! They sound really good. I'd favour the banana filling myself though I can just imagine F & F drooling at thought of an egg 'n bacon oatcake.....

Nb Caxton said...

Sue let's get real here.. F&F would droll over anything that had a food 'label' on it. Slap an oatcake around a bale of hay and they would try it!
PS. These oatcakes are very versatile and quite tasty.