Thursday, 30 July 2009

Catch of the Day

OK, I've got to eat my words. Joe has caught a fish! His effort has been rewarded and here is the evidence. Yesterday evening, dinner finished and galley looking like a bomb had hit it, Joe takes himself out on the bank to contemplate ripples in the lagoon whilst I wander about and get into conversation with the chap on the crusty boat behind Caxton. Suddenly a shout goes up 'You've caught a fish, strike!" and while Graham of Matilda Rose rushes to get a landing net, Fletcher joins in and ties himself in fishing line and float which he proceeds to wrap around me in his excitement - see Fletcher wasn't convinced his master could catch fish either. Estimates are that it was a one and a half pound roach but whatever, we were all very proud of our 'hunter gatherer' even if we couldn't eat it...


Neil Corbett said...

Its a bream - you can tell by the long anal fin. Big ones are brown but ones that size are silver.

Loved the pic of the Home & Colonial stores. I didn't think any of their shop fronts had survived

Nb Caxton said...

Thanks Neil, the 'novice fisherman' has been informed!