Sunday, 23 August 2009

Bye, Bye Bugsworth

We pulled pins and moved out of Bugsworth Basin this morning. Some of you might have wondered why Caxton has been loitering at Bugsworth when there is a 48hr mooring restriction and the reason is that NB Matilda Rose, our travelling companions have had to deal with a family bereavement. Both boats were given permission to stay and we have shown our appreciation to the Inland Waterways Protection Society, the custodians of Bugsworth Basin.
We serviced Caxton a moved gently north up the Peak Forest Canal for a couple of miles mooring at Br 29 New Town. Above, Caxton at our current mooring, and below, the view from the boat. Not bad is it?
Walking along the canal this morning with the dogs I had time to take a photo of the live willow bank (see below) that has been planted in places here.
See also where perhaps it needs a bit of cutting back...

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