Tuesday, 25 August 2009

New Mills Old Mills

Yesterday, late morning, we wandered into the town of New Mills so named because, yes you've guessed, there was a 'new mill' built here; five actually. The new is now a bit if a misnomer though because these mills were built a couple of hundred years ago.

New Mills has a Heritage Trail and an Information Centre which are well worth a visit. The Heritage Trail takes you through the town to the Victorian Station (1864) and then down a steep path into the gorge where the mills were built to use the fast flowing waters of the River Goyt and Sett.

Above you can see the Torrs Millennium Walkway built with lottery monies and subscriptions an engineered by Stan Brewster who died in the London bombings in 2005.

The mottley crews of NB Matilda Rose and NB Caxton 'cepting me who was behind the camera of course.
The viaduct built in the late 1800's after some poor man had lost his life trying to cross. The Coroner was not impressed that the local authorities had not built a proper bridge across so this was the result; 94 feet high and nine months work to build.

Above, the double arched Church Road Bridge.
In the afternoon after a heavy shower of the wet stuff I walked down the hill from where Caxton is moored with the two dogs into the Riverside Country Park. This park extends for two miles along the river is is a bit special as you can see..

If you are passing this way do stop for a couple of days here as the walking and access to good walking is very good.

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