Thursday, 20 August 2009

Chickened Out

The 'planning committee' met yesterday to discuss cruising options. We had floated ideas of cruising through Manchester towards Liverpool and beyond. However, as we are now firmly in the school holiday period where semi feral city brats are left to their own devices, a trip along the infamous Ashton Canal didn't seem particularly attractive. British Waterways offer a warning to boaters using this stretch of canal to get through in one go, don't stop, lock every boat aperture before you start your journey and don't offer 'lifts' to kids. Do we chance an unpleasant imflammatory encounter or give it a miss? The concensus was, 'Who needs the grief, we can do it another time', so we are now planning to wander back down the Macclesfield seeing the bits we have missed on the way up, turn north onto the Trent and Mersey, the Anderton Boat Lift, onto the River Weaver, the Middlewich Branch, Shroppie and Ellesmere Port before we think about where we need to be for the winter months.


Anonymous said...

Ah, depending on your schedule we may yet bump into you this year. Following advice from Bruce and Greygal we're back to our original plan of visiting the Weaver and heading down the T & M.
The Shroppie doesn't sound like much fun at the moment but hopefully the breach will be fixed by the time you get there.
Sue, Indigo Dream

Pip - nb Windsong said...

We are also heading for the Shroppie, stoppages permitting, so hope to see you there.


Nb Caxton said...

I guess Indigo Dream will be doing the trip via the Irish Sea?
We look forward to the bump and really hope to meet up with you both and, of course, Lou and Blue!

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Pip
Hope to see you both as well...