Sunday, 30 August 2009

Move a Mile

Friday morning we moved the boats up a mile or so towards bridge 25, Higgins Clough Swing Bridge. The mission was to get both boats close to a bridge so that Graham, returning from Abingdon, and a funeral, in a hire car, could unload said car. The load, a 100 bottles of wine.
No, there is not a drink problem aboard Caxton or Matilda Rose, it was just that the wine needed a home. Graham's sister and husband are emigrating to Australia and we have bought their stock of 'club' wines. Saturday morning we were all aboard a listing Matilda Rose sorting a hundred bottles of wine before finding somewhere to 'stuff' our share aboard Caxton. That done I left Joe to watch the F1 qualifiers and the dogs and I headed off for a four hour walk in the company of Jill and the Tibetans.

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