Saturday, 29 August 2009

Sett Valley Trail

Above, a New Mills resident, Mr Llama.
Moored at or very near New Mills has provided access to some stunning walking Country, there are no end of trails that you can get on from here and the Sett Valley Trail is just one of them. The River Sett joins the River Goyt in the Torrs Gorge in New Mills and the trail has been created by using the bed of a redundant railway. Leaving the towpath and cutting across two countryparks at New Mills, we were able to walk into the Torrs Gorge and the start of the Sett Valley Trail.
Above, the switchback trail that provides access from the Torrs Gorge into the town of New Mills and below the condition of much of the trail.

The Sett Valley Trail takes you into the picturesque village of Hayfield which is one of the access points for Kinder Scout.
The Pack Horse above is a gastro pub but two ramblers and their four legged companions were welcome. We sat outside in the sunshine and had a pint and the dogs were brought a bowl of water, how kind...
We had just set out to walk back to New Mills and the boats when the heavens opened and there was a dash to a bus shelter to avoid the deluge. Spookily a bus came along. 'Two adults and four dogs to New Mill please' - well it's all another experience for the dogs don't you know...


carol said...

The llama's name is Basil. Did you see his daughter, Daisy? She's a lovely little thing.

We're ex-liveaboards ourselves, and llamas and the mooring by Carr Farm swing bridge are our regular evening walk. I think we may have seen you there one evening recently.

Glad you enjoyed the town.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Carol
Thanks for that, we did see Daisy and her Dam but Basil was being protective. We are still in the area so if you see us give us a knock... The countryside here abouts is stunning and access to it is well marked so it ticks a lot of boxes for two boats and four dogs!