Saturday, 31 October 2009

Just when I decide..

Just when I decide to change my mobile broadband provider things start looking up. I am currently with T-Mobile and Joe has a 3, now, calm down. It seems Joe is likely to be able to continue his contract with 3 for the current £7.50pcm so keeping that is a no brainer. We have had good service from 3 for the most part and at that price it is worth hanging on to. On the other hand (I won't say, 'four fingers and a thumb') T-Mobile at £15pcm is, or rather has, been disappointing and I have been looking about for an alternative supplier. My mobile phone contract is with Vodaphone and it seems I could get mobile broadband for £10pcm as an existing customer which is very, very tempting.

Now, however my T-Mobile broadband is working just fine!

What do I do?


Anonymous said...

oooh Huddersfield Narrow next. We thought it was fantastic, hard work but really worth doing, it is up there on my list of top canals. Give Martin Clark a wave as you go past. We asked Greygal how she found driving through Standedge (we got towed). Obviously she is a very experienced helm, I don't get a chance to even touch the tiller when both her and Sue are on Indigo Dream! She did have Fred as a pilot, said it took extreme concentration but I think she breezed it (at pace). Go through the tunnel!

We have found vodafone very good, generally better than 3 (less contention perhaps?) but then there have been a few areas where vodafone was rubbish, 3 was good. There are areas where both are rubbish. Do you want to borrow one of our vodafone dongles to see how you find reception? There may be a slight delay as I think at least one is on the boat and we don't move for a fortnight. Email us and we will get hunting.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

I have a Vodafone phone and the other week Vodafone rang me and offered me a dongle for just £5 a month on an 18 month contract, so try knocking them down a bit more