Friday, 30 October 2009

Leaving Town

We stayed overnight in Marple on Wednesday. Having turned onto The Macclesfield Canal and serviced Caxton at the Wharf we found moorings just past the second bridge. Long hot showers had been taken whilst we filled with water so as soon as we were moored up we were off to find a much deserved pint - the pint of choice in Marple is Wags to Witches by the way.. A take-away Chinese meal, a VERY good Chinese meal, and that was us sorted.

At lunchtime on Thursday we winded and returned to the Wharf to top up the water tank. Moored across from the BW services was Nb Sanity, Bruce and Sheila's boat and a fellow blogger.

We headed off after watering, back onto the Peak Forest canal towards Bugsworth Basin. We will hang around hereabouts for a couple of weeks now the stoppages are about to start before we venture back down the Marple flight and take a trip up the Huddersfield Narrow.

Above, the old transfer warehouse on the town wharf.

Turning back onto to Peak Forest. When I had sorted washing and transferred some into the tumble dryer I decamped at the first available bridge hole, along with the two dogs, and walked the towpath towards our destination just below Disley village.

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