Friday, 23 October 2009

Night Time Visitors

A lovely mooring last night for Caxton and Matilda Rose. We came up the Ashton Canal, more of which later, turned into the Peak Forest Canal and moored up. Here we found lots of open space, ideal for Daisy the demon cat, and the four dogs to rummage about in and close to Ashton-under-Lyme town for the four humans to 'rummage' in. The humans dealt with the needs of the livestock before heading into Ashton for urgently needed sustainance; 18 locks on neither breakfast or lunch meant that we all had FOOD on our minds. It was only five in the evening so the food options were going to be limited - A Whetherspoons would fit the bill and there just happened to be such an establishment to hand. Curry Night no less! Four meals, four desserts, eight drinks, ten pound a head!! Result!
So this morning when I glanced out of the side hatch I found that our peaceful night had not been so peaceful after all - visitors had dropped in unannounced....

I called the North West British Waterways office when they opened and informed them that we had a car in the cut. An hour later a truck appeared and the rescue began.

Someone's pride and joy recovered and no damage to the canal.

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Anonymous said...

And no damage to you either, thank heavens...
Sue, Indigo Dream