Friday, 23 October 2009

Walkabout around Castlefield Basin

Above - the Merchants Bridge across the Castlefield basin.

Wednesday I went walkabout after our night's stay in Castlefield Basin. I must say I am very impressed with Manchester and how it has regenerated itself. There is evidence of many millions of pounds being spent here and the planning authorities have obviously kept a close rein on how things have been done; a pretty good amalgam of old, preserved and new.
Caxton on her Castlefield mooring.

A view across the junction at Castlefield from the Merchants Bridge.
The Museum of Science and Technology utilising one of the Campfield Market Halls. We will come back in to the City and spend some time here no doubt.
Above - the remains of Roman settlement in Manchester. In the background you can just glimpse a reconstruction of part of a Roman fort.
Frontage of the Grocers Warehouse in the Castlefield Basin.
A Victorian up-an-over solution for the Railway...
The home of Corrie etc.

The Hilton Tower.
Renovated warehouses in Castlefield Basin. These are full of Clubs and the like so perhaps Friday and Saturday night is not the time for us to be moored here?


Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley, I'm so glad that you've posted this information - Manchester has a horrible reputation (worse than Birmingham!) and it's good to see that boaters can spend the night there and come out alive!!

Maybe a candidate for our 2010 odyssey....

Sue, Indigo Dream

Nb Caxton said...

Manchester was just fine and though Himself was very concerned about staying in the City overnight, both of our moorings met with HIS approval.. We would not hesitate to return. Downside if any was very limited areas to walk the dogs but there is an area of rough ground at the far end of the basin that Fletcher and Floyd could play ball on - using up much energy before being confined for the trip up the Rochdale 9.