Friday, 13 November 2009

Belted - part two.

We said goodbye to the southern part of the Peak Forest Canal today and trundled up into Marple in preparation for our trip down the Marple flight tomorrow. Joe 'popped' into the local car spare and accessory shop here in Marple to enquire about the belts we need for Caxton. Arriving back on the boat twenty minutes later was a delighted Joe who had met 'a man that knows what he is talking about and couldn't be more helpful!' The chap ordered the belts, 'Come back after four and I will have them in and bring me your fuel filter and we will see what we can do.'
So we now have three belts, a fuel filter and an oil filter for £35 instead of Betamarine's £100. Result!!!

The shop in question - Harrods.

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Halfie said...

Well done! Of course, the Knightsbridge Harrods can't do anything about the name of the Marple shop, but I don't suppose they'd like the graphics on the shopfront!