Friday, 13 November 2009

The phone rings...

The phone rings on Wednesday evening as I am cooking dinner - a glance at the number, I don't recognise it, so answer formally - it could be the PM, who knows? It's Matt, from Vodaphone.
Hello Matt?
Your contract with Vodaphone is about to end so here are the following options for consideration -
a) if you are happy with your current phone we can offer 600 inclusive minutes plus more texts than you can use in your lifetime for £15 per month, or
b) a new phone, (I name the phone I might want)the same bundle of services for £25 per month.
I an currently paying £35 pcm
Why thank you Matt, can we speak tomorrow perhaps after I have had a chance to talk to my Husband - and finish cooking dinner?
No problem he tells me.

Yesterday the phone rings, it's Matt.
Have I made up my mind?
Yes, I will change my phone but can you send it to one of your shops please?
Can I just pick it up from a shop then?
Ok, can you send it to a Post Office, Post Restante, so I can collect it?
No Problem, what is the address?
I rattle off the address of Whaley Bridge PO.
When will it be sent?
The courier will deliver it tomorrow Matt tells me.
Courier? The Post Office won't accept courier deliveries you will have to put it in the post says I.
No can do, says Matt.
What can we do then I ask.
I think you will have to upgrade your phone at one of our shops says Matt.


Julia & Mark said...

Exactly same thing happed to me recently when my 3 contract ran out, spent ages on the phone with some chap in india going round in circles eventually I said "shall I go into shop" "Yes you could" was reply. Went into shop & got new upgrade in 5 mins!

Sue said...


You might be better getting a sim only contract if your phone is OK. Vodafone do a 600min/unlimited text for £15 a month, you might have to change your phone number though. You can click through quidco ( get £70 cash for buying it online.

The only drawback is that they may want it to be sent to the card holders address.


Nb Caxton said...

I have opted to change my phone - fancy not need - and get a vodaphone Broadband dongle as well. I was paying £35 pcm for my phone and that remains the same but I've also got the broadband now.

Nb Caxton said...

Getting to Ashton and the Vodafone shop was a bit of an adventure but once there changing the phone and getting the new broadband couldn't have been easier and it has cost no more than quoted by phone.