Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Joe E-mailed Betamarine enquiring about some spares for Caxton's engine. Oil filter, alternator belts etc. This morning Betamarine replied. An alternator belt will cost £27.50, less 10% discount, plus 15% VAT and then £10.80 delivery.
On looking on line for the said belt it seems we can buy it for £7.
Is it me, or are people taking the proverbial?


Anonymous said...

Isuzu (hopefully Beta do the same) provide a nice list of engine part numbers in the manual. I took that into my local car parts shop and found that I can buy everything apart from the last diesel filter there. So 2 secondary diesel filters, 1 air filter and 1 oil filter together cost me less than 1 diesel filter from a chandlery. Now if only they stocked cc engine oil ...though to be fair the last lot of oil I got was from the Black Prince base at Acton Bridge, bring your own container but very keen price.

Nb Caxton said...

I believe your comment rather proves my point - the 'chandlers' are taking the proverbial me thinks. Joe has found that one of our belts is a citroen part and another is from some other mainstream car so we will be visited the nearest Halfords some day soon...