Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Post ...please

An empty watertank forced us to move off yesterday but by the time we had serviced Caxton and moved on to the moorings at Tesco, Whaley Bridge, the rain had stopped. I toddled off (it's the way I walk these days) to the Post Office in Whaley Bridge to collect our mail and also the mail for Matilda Rose. I was priming myself for an imaginary confrontation, or not, about collecting post for someone else but in the event the Postmaster barely glanced at Jill's driving licence before handing over the single letter that was expected. "Any mail for x please?" No, none for that name came the response. "Are you sure, it was posted on Friday?" Rolling his eyes he shuffles off out the back and returns with an envelope. "It was with the registered, you should have said it was Special Delivery."
I bit my tongue.
The letter had been delivered to Whaley Bridge PO on Saturday but I had been sent packing Monday when I enquired and nearly sent away again on Tuesday.
I returned to the boat via Tesco and then headed off with Fletcher and Floyd as we walked back up The Peak Forest canal towards Disley, followed by Caxton. We are now moored up for two days to allow Graham of Matilda Rose to return to Grantham and sort out some probate matters.

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